About Us

For more than 36 years, Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers has offered the highest quality standards in healthy weight loss practices.  We offer effective and affordable weight loss programs that are developed and supported by our corporate registered dietitians.  Our clients visit the center regularly to receive one-on-one counseling along motivational support by knowledgeable staff.  Everything we do is down to a science from weigh-ins to measurements and from monitoring your vitals to examing your food intake.

During the process we establish a level of trust and expertise with our clients that only a physician can provide.  We teach our clients to change their attitude toward eating to help them maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime.  Everything is screens and monitored by the center physician and licensed nurse as well as counseled on behavior management by a certified counselor. 

​We offer clients a choice of six distinct and dynamic weight loss programs that helps them meet their goals.  Our programs include all the phases needed for successful and permanent weight loss: reducing, calorie adjustment, normalization and maintenance.  Each program is uniquely formulated to be an effective tool that fits a variety of individual needs, lifestyles and goals.  All programs also utilize a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement to ensure proper nutrient intake and high quality protein supplements to protect valuable lean muscle mass while dieting. ​

To schedule a free consultation, please call 614-457-5651 or 614-866-1500. 

Physicians Weight Loss Centers