These programs provide approximately 900 calories, 1000 calories or 1500 calories respectively (nutritional breakdown: 45% carbohydrate, 35% protein, 20% fat).  These programs follow the guidelines for a healthy diet as recommended by the American Heart Association, the US Department of Agriculture, and the American Cancer Society.  These are programs that clients can easily follow and permanently integrate into their daily lives.  Highly recommended by health care professionals, the Low Fat/High Energy programs offer balanced nutrition through fresh fruits and vegetables and are low in fat and rich in carbohydrates, protein and fiber to help satisfy clients' appetites and provide energy.  The Low Fat/High Energy programs incorporate three meals per day of fresh food items selected by our corporate dietitian to ensure proper nutrition while losing weight.  These programs are perfect for those individuals who love to plan and prepare their meals and want to follow a more traditional, nutritionally balanced diet. 

Low Fat/High Energy 900
The Low Fat/High Energy 900 program provides the most structure and control among the three programs.  It is great for those who find it easier to stick to a program with food choices that are limited to the most nutritious selections.  This program is designed to provide maximum weight loss results

Low Fat/ High Energy 1000
The Low Fat/High Energy 1000 program is designed to provide traditional, balanced meals.  This program is good for those who prefer a little more variety and flexibility than the Low Fat/High Energy 900 Program.

Low Fat/High Energy 1500
The Low Fat/High Energy 1500 program provides the most variety of the three.  This is best for those who would like a broader selection of choices and for those who need more calories to support a more active lifestyle.

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