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“To live the life of my dreams, I needed to change.  I knew that I had the support of my husband and son, yet that wasn’t enough.  Over the past two years I have tried many different diets and was able to lose weight but as soon as I got off the diets I gained the weight right back.

Physicians Weight Loss Centers turned out to be the one for me.  I am a very organized person and I find success with a strict regiment; therefore I had to be able to find a diet that could fit my needs.  The Physicians Fast fits perfectly into my lifestyle and weight loss needs.  I have now lost 42 pounds and 52.5 inches, I dropped 8 sizes in 13 weeks, and am still going strong!!

Thanks to my new found confidence and enthusiasm I am able to take on and conquer other battles in my life.

Thank you Physicians Weight Loss Centers for all of your encouragement and for showing me how to change my eating habits around to lose weight and still enjoy it!”

~ Susan, PWLC Client  

Individual results can and do vary.


Lost 66 pounds and 83 inches!

“In the last 4 years I have had one health problem after another.  I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and hospitalized for high blood pressure.  No one around me thought I had the willpower to lose the weight but I did not let that stop me.  I decided to make a change in my life and go to Physicians Weight Loss Centers; and have not looked back since.  My counselors set me up with a personalized plan and provided me the accountability I needed to stick to my diet.

I knew I needed to start strong and aggressive in my weight loss journey to get the results I desired therefore I maximized my time on pre-diet and then started aggressively on the Low Carb Diet.

I recently went to my primary care Physician and he was amazed by how much I have changed my life around. Due to my healthy eating and lifestyle changes he was able to cut all of my medication down drastically seeing that my blood sugar and blood pressure were well under control.  Following that he completely took me off of cholesterol medication.  Thank you Physicians Weight Loss Centers for your support and guidance!”

~ John Baker, PWLC Client  

Individual results can and do vary.


Lost 42 pounds and 37 inches!


Lost 259 pounds and 194 inches!


Lost 34 pounds & 24 inches!

Holli Richardson

Lost 28 pounds and 35 inches!

“I decided to join PWLC when I knew something had to be done and PWLC had worked for a family member. I liked that the plan involved grocery store foods. I also liked the courtesy and positive assistance of staff counselors. Now, I feel great! My knees do not hurt and I don’t run out of breath on the stairs!”

~ Lynna Gene Cook, PWLC Client

Individual results can and do vary.

Lynna Gene Cook

Lost 50 pounds & 59.75 inches!

Chris Fish

Lost 50 pounds & 51.25 inches... and is still going!

"I joined PWLC because I wanted to look and feel better physically and emotionally about myself. I want to be healthy and strong for my family for years to come. I really liked the one-on-one support, all the services offered, and especially that you can lose the weight fairly quickly, but in a monitored, healthy way. It helps keep me motivated. I feel more energetic, stronger, more presentable, and more confident. I feel a sense of accomplishment over doing something so difficult. Weight loss is always a challenge, but in the long run I know it’s worth it in so many ways!”  

~ Chris Fish, PWLC Client

Individual results can and do vary.



Lost 86 pounds & 88 inches!


Lost 35 pounds and still going strong!